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Collect biowaste

Collect Biowaste

Our biomass collection process is ecological and efficient. Biomass residue collection is an essential aspect of the production of sustainable energy solutions through Biomass Pellets. At Jaipur Energy Pvt Ltd, our contributing farmers and team help us collect biomass of all kinds which is then sorted and converted to pellets to be used by energy producers located across India.

Supply, and Consulting For Biomass

Jaipur Energy Pvt Ltd provides consulting services to businesses in order to examine their biomass fuel supply chain. The importance of a steady supply of pellets is well acknowledged and regarded as essential by the majority of utility management. The output characteristics, such as steam pressure or temperature, might be affected by any lack or compromise in quality criteria.

The supply of biofuels depends on the season and crop pattern because the majority of them are manufactured from agricultural waste. This is precisely what supply chain consultancy needs to look into and work on.

Jaipur Energy Pvt Ltd researches the types of biomass that are readily accessible in the environment that produces Biomass pellets in the area around the boiler where shipping is feasible. The goal is to make recommendations regarding what is available, whether it is Biomass Pellet, and whether the boiler furnace or its feeding mechanism has to be modified.

Before setting up a manufacturing facility, the area must be thoroughly researched. Jaipur Energy Pvt Ltd has knowledge in the area and instructs you on how to organize and carry out initiatives involving biomass fuels.

Supply, and consulting for biomass
Steam contracts

Steam Contracts

In a steam management arrangement, the company's boiler is managed by an outside company, such as Jaipur Energy Pvt Ltd, and billing is based on the amount of steam produced. Thus, the agency manages all the inputs needed for steam generation, including fuel (Pellets, briquettes, wood chips, or processed agricultural waste), manpower, maintenance, etc. This boiler operation style is becoming more and more popular among businesses. Jaipur Energy Pvt Ltd primary tasks are the provision of pellets and the management of boilers. Additionally, Jaipur Energy Pvt Ltd collaborates with engineering consultants with knowledge of boiler operation and design.

Utilities Management

The management of utilities like water purification, fire protection, and refrigeration makes sense as an addition to our current services. These services enable our clients to concentrate on their core strengths while we take care of all logistics-related and utility-related tasks. Jaipur Energy Pvt Ltd is developing the essential skill set in order to expand these services.

Utilities Management