How to store wood pellets properly?

How to store wood pellets properly?
December 18, 2023

The biomass materials used to make wood pellets include things like grass, alfalfa, rice husk, crop straw, waste papers, EFB, leaves, and other similar materials. The process of making wood pellets involves shaping biomass materials into solid, high-density balls and then melting lignin to form a bond with the biomass.

The many desirable properties of wood pellets include their compact size, high density, cleanliness, low cost, high heat value, and ease of storage and transportation. Wood pellets contain 75-85% carbon, 3-6% ash, and 1-3% water. More and more, wood pellets are being utilised as fuel for heating stoves, furnaces, boilers, and even power plants these days.

Common biomass pellet storage materials for wood pellets include woven bags, paper bags, and plastic bags. To a certain extent, they are unable to degas the wood pellets. The wood pellets become more pliable as a result of the air’s moisture content. Hence, environmental humidity dictates the wood pellet storage duration.

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There are two phases to the wood pellet storage process. The biomass pellet storage time is less than three months if the relative humidity is more than 10%. With a relative humidity of 10% or lower, the shelf life is more than six months. Economic losses can result from wood pellets becoming damp and cracking due to improper storage, which in turn reduces their quality and burning effect.

How to store wood pellets properly?

  • Wood pellets are prone to becoming wet and falling apart in damp conditions, so it is best to store them in bags that can prevent moisture intervention .
  • The ideal storage conditions include adequate ventilation and a low moisture content (less than 10%). Keep the wood pellet bags off the floor, instead place them on panels or cardboard.
  • Storerooms in high-humidity areas require special ventilation and dehumidifying systems.
  • Wood pellets should not be stored near open flames, such as stoves.
  • Never leave wood pellets out in the rain, and if you must, bring them inside. Outside elements also pose a threat to the integrity of the packaging bags.
  • If it is necessary to store the wood pellets outside. Put them somewhere dry and construct a shelter or shed.

Do not keep more wood pellets than you will need on hand because they are easily damaged by fire, water, and other environmental elements. Trust Jaipur Green Fuels Pvt. Ltd for all your biomass pellet needs.

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